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We’re playing Indietracks this year. It’s the last weekend of July. You can find out more here. We joined them for a preparatory interview, which is on their site now, here! x

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This picture was taken at Cube Cinema, in Bristol, around February 2008. There are two figures here: on the right (stage left) is Ellis, playing guitar. On the left (stage right) is Rosalind, playing the synth. But The Bumblebees have been, almost always, a trio. To the left (stage right) of Rosalind, lurking beyond this photograph’s walls, is Bert Clark, standing with a bass guitar that belongs to his sister, Zoe.

When we first became The Bumblebees, it was Ellis, Rosalind and Bert. That was in December 2006. When Bert first became in love, it was with a Canadian girl. That must have been in 2006 as well. Bert took the cross-Atlantic leap in 2010 – he lives there now forever.

Bert makes music now as ‘Black Terror’:

Without Bert, we still wanted to play gigs. Nat stepped in to Bert’s shoes and customised them to her liking and ours. Nat played bass for four or five gigs.

Nat plays bass for Jelas, the world’s best rock group:

In Ellis’ second year of University he was employed to induct first year music students. To show them the ways, to break their ice. The one piece of advice he gave was this: “Be open minded – don’t make friends based on music taste alone”. Ellis found out that Daniel’s favourite album was In The Aeroplane Over The Sea. Ellis asked Daniel to be a Bumblebee. Daniel has been one since September 2009.

Daniel also plays in a surf band called The Sundae Kups:

In August 2010 we played the Cube Cinema a second time, supporting Calvin Johnson.

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We recorded ourselves practicing in our garden. One of the songs we practiced was called ‘The Surprise’. It’s our slow song. It will be on the album, recorded a million times better. But a recording of us playing it in the garden is available to download here now:


By the way, we’re booking gigs for 23rd-29th June. If you live in a UK city or town and want us to come play there, then drop us a line somehow.

THIS WAS US, less than twelve months ago. We were in Glasgow, almost exactly in the middle (but slightly closer to the end) of our tour with The Younger Lovers.

The Younger Lovers have a MySpace that they never check:

The Younger Lovers are largely the product of Brontez Purnell, but on this occasion was propped up by the products of Michal, Grace and Anna.

Michal runs (or co-runs) Local Kid Records:

Grace and Anna run The Middle Ones:

Back then we were known as The Bumblebees. The name stuck, and we’ve been called it ever since.

The Bumblebees are Ellis, Rosalind and Daniel:

The picture above is a picture of Ellis, Rosalind and Daniel, but it is also a picture of The Bumblebees. You could also say it was a picture of Glasgow, or a picture of 2010. But whilst 2010 and Glasgow have gone forever, The Bumblebees remain. It was taken by Billy.

Billy is in The Paraffins:

We first met the Paraffins on our first tour, in September 2008. Our first (and so far only) EP was just out. We met him next when we invited The Paraffins to play gigs with us in Bristol (where the band began) and Oxford (where the band now is). Our most recent meeting with Billy was in Glasgow, when he took the photo above.



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